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Traumatic Brain Injury

Irvine Brain Injury Lawyer

Your brain is one of your body’s most complex organs. No two brain injuries are the same, and the effects vary significantly depending on the severity of the accident and injury. While one victim may have a mild headache that subsides over time, another may experience a lifelong loss of essential cognitive functions. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can leave victims and their families physically, emotionally, and financially devastated. 

If you or someone you care about has suffered a TBI due to someone else’s negligent actions, an experienced Irvine, California personal injury lawyer. At Benchmark Injury Law, our team of Irvine traumatic brain injury lawyers and case managers are passionate about making sure brain injury victims receive the maximum amount of compensation available for the losses they have endured. Our skilled legal team is dedicated to being a pillar of support as you recover from your injuries, and will be a tireless advocate for justice on your behalf. 

Common Causes of Brain Injuries in Irvine, California

A brain injury could occur from any accident that causes trauma to the head. Some common causes of brain injuries in Irvine include:

After trauma to your head, it is critical to see a doctor as soon as you can. Even if you do not exhibit symptoms right away, your injury could become more severe over time if you are not appropriately treated. Additionally, the insurance company may use your failure to seek prompt care as an excuse to deny or devalue your claim. 

Symptoms You May Experience After Suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury

TBIs have different classifications and symptoms according to the severity of the injury. If you experienced head trauma during your accident, you might have a mild, moderate, or severe TBI. Each type of TBI may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Mild: A mild TBI can also be referred to as a concussion. This may or may not be associated with loss of consciousness at the time of the head trauma, and may last a few days, to years.
  • Moderate: If you lose consciousness at the time of the head trauma for a significant period of time, you may have a moderate TBI. Those with a moderate TBI may experience symptoms like mood swings, attention deficit, and memory problems for several months or years.
  • Severe: Victims of a severe TBI typically fall into a coma following the accident. They may experience limited mobility, abnormal speech, and behavioral issues when they wake. Additionally, they could have permanent brain damage. 

Whether you experience a mild, moderate or severe brain injury, you may have grounds to file a claim for compensation. Our experienced brain injury attorney at Benchmark Injury Law will help you build a case, and hold the responsible party or parties accountable for your injuries. 

How a Traumatic Brain Injury May Impact Your Daily Life

For most brain injury victims, the road to recovery is long and strenuous. Making a full recovery could take several years. In some worst-case scenarios, victims could experience severe symptoms for the rest of their lives. Those who suffer from a moderate to severe TBI in Irvine may have to endure extended hospital stays, rehabilitation, and daily frustration with their change in cognitive abilities. Some TBI victims may even lose their ability to complete basic, daily tasks, and could require full-time care. 

On top of the physical and emotional strain, victims may find themselves financially devastated, as well. While all of this is occurring, the responsible party or parties may try to deny any responsibility for the suffering they have caused. At Benchmark Injury Law, our team of brain injury lawyers in Irvine is committed to fighting for justice on your behalf so you can focus solely on your healing and recovery. Our team of Irvine traumatic brain injury lawyers will fight tirelessly to help ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation available for your claim. 

Speak to a Premier Irvine Brain Injury Attorney at Benchmark Injury Law

A traumatic brain injury can leave victims physically, emotionally, and financially debilitated. If you or a family member has suffered a TBI in Irvine, California, you have the legal right to pursue compensation for your losses. Benchmark Injury Law is a personal injury law firm based in Irvine with a unique and values-based approach to helping clients. Our team is committed to ensuring brain injury victims receive the justice they are owed. The team of Irvine traumatic brain injury attorneys is dedicated to developing solid relationships with clients, prioritizing client service and the client’s individual needs, to deliver the best possible result.

Call us today at (949) 504-9031 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our dedicated Irvine traumatic brain injury lawyer. 

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