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Priscila Mora

Priscila Mora

Priscila Mora is an invaluable member of the BENCHMARK INJURY LAW family who enjoys the thrill of taking down insurance companies that try to play dirty.

Priscila joined BENCHMARK INJURY law in early 2023. She brings more than a decade of personal injury law experience, including auto accidents, slip and fall, trip and fall, products liability, and catastrophic injury, in pre-litigation, litigation and trials.

Priscila began her career in 2008 at an Orange County personal injury and workers’ compensation firm where she realized that she was very good at listening to, and sympathizing with, people who have been seriously injured. That soft spot in her heart is what makes her such an incredible advocate, who enjoys strategizing and executing a full assault against insurance companies who try to play dirty, and squash “the little person.”

A mother of two boys, and a complete Disney fanatic, in her free time, you’ll probably find Priscila at Disneyland decked in full Disney attire. Her favorite Disney character is the original star, Mickey Mouse (of course!), because he is selfless and brave with a “can-do” attitude.

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