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About Us

We are reMarkably personal. We understand that personal injury matters are no small or easy event, and in a world where it seems like everyone is fighting for attention, you won’t have to fight for ours. We are run by family, which means we are about family – ours and yours.

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Our core values


We believe in looking outward. We prioritize exceptional client service, and giving back. Each member of the Benchmark team is thrilled to donate at least one hour each week to our community.


We make time for the big and little things, richly giving our time and our resources.


No BS. We seek truth and fairness, and we treat everyone with respect. We demand the same treatment from others, including our adversaries.


It’s about that feeling of knowing we have your back unconditionally. Our firm is run by family, so when you work with Benchmark Injury Law, you are literally working with family, and we hope it feels that way.

Shaun Phillips Esq.
Shaun Phillips Esq.

I always knew I would find myself here. I like to be different, and I started this firm to provide something better to my clients, something based upon values. Clients deserve a skilled attorney who knows how to fight for what is fair and right, and at the same time they deserve incredible client service.

There are many stereotypes out there about personal injury, personal injury lawyers, and personal injury Plaintiffs. I’m here to tell you: what I have seen is amazing people overcoming insanely difficult struggles, and it has been my pleasure to fight the righteous fight alongside them. I have no plans to stop fighting the good fight.

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Our goal:

exceed expectations

The Benchmark Family

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose… your personal injury lawyer! All jokes aside, we are all about family. It’s one of our core values. For our clients, this means we have their back unconditionally, and we fight like heck for what is fair and right! Like family, we’re here to help during hard times, and to celebrate during good times.

We Care. We Fight. We Win.

Have you been injured? We can help.