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When to Call a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident in California

It has been reported that there are several thousand car accidents that occur in California each year. Whether you were rear-ended or involved in a t-bone accident, if you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a car accident, you may be wondering what your next steps should be.

The team of personal injury lawyers and case managers at Benchmark Injury Law are dedicated to developing strong relationships with clients, prioritizing client service and the individual needs of a client to deliver the best possible result. After you have been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering: when is the best time to call a personal injury attorney in California? The answer is: as soon as possible.

Crucial Steps to Take After a Car Accident in California

Car accidents often turn complex, and quickly. In the wake of an accident, victims often feel overwhelmed, unsure of where to turn next. Immediately following the accident, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Call emergency services
  • Takes photos and videos of any visible injuries, the accident scene, and property damage
  • Give your statement for the police report
  • If any witnesses approach you, ask for their contact information and a brief statement of what they observed
  • Get the name, contact information, and insurance information of the other driver(s) involved in the accident
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can

While hiring a personal injury lawyer is not a requirement to file a claim, it is highly recommended in the complex California claims process, which can quickly become overwhelming. However, when you work with an attorney who has extensive experience with California car accident claims, you’ll find some comfort in knowing you have a trusted advocate who has your best interests in mind.

Can a Lawyer Help You Collect Compensation After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the losses and injuries you have suffered as a result of the other party’s negligence. A California personal injury lawyer may be able to help you understand if you are eligible for the following damages:

  • Medical expenses: A car accident victim may be owed compensation for out-of-pocket medical expenses related to their injuries. These expenses may include expensive hospital stays, doctor visits, the cost of medications, ambulance rides, or other medical services such as imaging or medical equipment.
  • Lost wages: If a victim is unable to work as a result of their injuries, they may be owed compensation for all past and future loss of wages.
  • Lost earning potential: When a car accident victim’s injuries prevent them from performing their necessary job functions as they did prior, they may be entitled to compensation for the loss of earning capacity.
  • Property damage: Car accident victims are entitled to have their vehicle repaired, or if not capable of being repaired, to the market value of the vehicle. Car accident victims are also entitled to the replacement value of any other property damaged in the accident.
  • Pain and suffering: Car accident victims have the legal right to recover money compensation for pain and suffering associated with injuries sustained in the accident.

When you work with a trusted personal injury attorney, they can help you determine the specific damages you are legally entitled to, and then help you develop a strong claim to obtain the maximum compensation under the law.

Contact an Irvine, California Personal Injury Attorney

Being injured in a damaging car accident can lead to life-altering losses for the drivers and passengers involved. If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a car accident in California, an Irvine, California personal injury attorney may be able to help.

Benchmark Injury Law is a personal injury law firm helping clients in Irvine, California, who have been injured in a car accident. Our firm is passionate about providing our clients with a unique and values-based approach to helping them pursue the justice they are owed. To schedule a free consultation, fill out our contact form or call (949) 504-9031.

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