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Saving Lives

Saving Lives

As a personal injury lawyer, I have plenty of stories that make for great “cocktail talk.” At a recent social event, I was discussing a few of the active cases I am working on, and it immediately drew a crowd, which became engaged, and started sharing the stories of friends and family who had been involved in some type of injury event. When the conversation came to its natural close, as one from the group said her goodbye, she said “keep saving lives.” While the term was colloquially used, and I am not sure I have ever had the privilege of “saving a life,” her comment has stirred a lot of reflection over the past few weeks… how privileged I am, to be able to impact lives and call it “a job.”

Many years ago, it became clear to me that as a personal injury lawyer, I was in a unique position to impact people. I quickly discovered that service was in the DNA of this work, and my circle of influence to impact the lives around me grew, and grew, and grew. So, from day one of BENCHMARK INJURY LAW, service was at the forefront, and as you may know by now, is in our core values: Family, Integrity, Generosity, and Service. Much of our time and resources is devoted to serving not only clients, but to serving others whom we cross paths with (sometimes as a result of our clients).

This culture of service is part of the reason we so closely monitor the cases we accept – we understand each case will require significant investment, and we need to allow ourselves flexibility – and time – to pivot as needed. Furthermore, we need to allow ourselves the time to serve outside of the office. This month, I have been interviewing high school scholarship applicants for the Dollars for Tustin Scholars, an organization I support, and one applicant said, unforgettably and so earnestly, “there are so many opportunities to help others.” She is so right, you do not have to look hard to find an opportunity to extend a helping hand. There are people all over Southern California who need help.

My message to you: we are unlike any other personal injury firm you will come in contact with because we move and groove to an entirely different beat. The culture of service has greatly enriched my life, and I challenge you this summer to go out into the world and volunteer. You may end up “saving a life.” If you need support in this endeavor, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We Care. We Fight. We Succeed.

Have you been injured? We can help.