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Personal Injury is Not the Lotto

Lottery Win

Personal Injury is Not the Lotto


Increasingly, I am finding that there are some unrealistic views of what personal injury is, and most importantly, the value of personal injury cases. I hope you will appreciate that this article discusses an honest opinion of the personal injury industry, as opposed to the oftentimes misleading marketing efforts of many personal injury firms, which are blasting consumers on billboards, TV, radio, social media, and just about any other imaginable media, with high-dollar settlements and verdicts as if they are stock tickers on the Dow Jones. Of course, advertising is about the “sexy” stuff. The goal is to appeal to a potential client who might also hope to receive substantial compensation following a personal injury event. However, the truth is a lot less “sexy,” and a whole lot more real: the bigger the hurt, the bigger the recovery.

If you are in a fender bender, and you have neck pain that resolves after a month or two, your case is not worth $1,000,000.00. Agreed? However, if you trip and fall on a dangerous condition, you break both of your ankles, you require surgery, and you are unable to work and support your family for two months, you might agree that such a case may, indeed, be worth $1,000,000.00. But, it seems like the lines have gotten crossed, and there is now a segment of the population who believes their personal injury case – big or small – is their payday. They think they’ve hit the Lotto, and now they’re ready to rake in the cash! But, as always, reality is a lot more chilling.

I have recovered thousands for clients, and I have recovered millions for clients. What I can affirmatively say after more than eight years handling personal injury cases is: not a single client whom I have helped recover seven figures has felt like they “won the Lotto.” Not a single one. They went to hell and back, and no amount of money takes away that painful experience. They simply traded suffering for money.

So, the next time you see a multi-million-dollar settlement, know that there is a very painful story behind that “sexy” number; realize that person would probably give back the money if they could have their health and emotional security back; and understand that they deserve every penny as retribution.

You should always expect to hear something a little different from me, and I hope this article was no exception. I hope I have helped to set the record straight.


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