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Boutique is Better: A culture of generosity

ShaunYou have probably heard me discuss values before. Values are incredibly important to me, and it was crucial to establish a law firm that is also based on values: Family, Integrity, Generosity and Service (our four core values). Today, I want to focus on generosity.

Recently, at the ceremonial burial of my grandfather’s ashes, my dad spoke about the measurement of one’s life: that a full life, a life that is well-lived, is one where you can bless others.

He’s right.

And, while I didn’t immediately realize it, I have been learning this lesson on my own, especially through my career. I quickly realized that a large personal injury firm, with a high volume of cases and a revolving door for overwhelmed staff, is not aligned with practicing personal injury law or living a life based on values, let alone generosity.

To be “generous” means to share one’s time, talent, and treasures with others. However, when your time, talent, and treasures are constantly in short supply due to being too focused on monetizing the BUSINESS of personal injury law, the capacity to share diminishes. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to run an efficient practice. In fact, an efficient practice can help foster a culture of generosity. However, “efficiency” and “profit” are not necessarily synonymous.

At BENCHMARK INJURY LAW, we do things differently. We carefully select the cases we accept based upon the impact that we can make, and the value we can add. Oftentimes, a bad “business” decision (e.g., a monetarily unprofitable decision), is the morally correct and “generous” decision. Over the past eight years, this principle has been reinforced on numerous occasions, and I am still overwhelmed and humbled by how rewarding it feels to prioritize moral currency!

So, why is boutique better? Remaining smaller, allows us to impact bigger, and to be more generous. We take the time to develop deep and meaningful relationships with our clients. We strive to understand their wants and needs and establish appropriate goals. Then, we dedicate the necessary time to achieve these goals. We are not simply pushing a case to conclusion for a payday; rather, we are walking a journey of adversity, healing, and justice together. This is only made possible by deeply focusing on generosity as part of our culture, and by emphasizing generosity as a commitment to our clients and community. This culture and commitment has proven to me that it is indeed more blessed to give than to receive.

Our unique, value-based approach allows us to develop strong relationships with our clients and prioritize their needs. We are dedicated to getting you the best possible outcome and will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to handle all aspects of your case, from filing the initial claim to negotiating a settlement. We understand that no two cases are the same, and we will tailor our strategy to your specific needs. You can rest assured that we will never rest until justice is served. We will fight for you every step of the way, and we won’t rest until you receive the compensation you deserve.

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