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The Benchmark Law group was able to help me and my husband a lot after having a very bad experience with the group we previously worked with. Everyone we came into contact with, my husband, daughter and I, treated us with kindness and patience and managed to win our case, something the other group could not and would not achieve. Although our case was somewhat complicated, this group never took the easy route in saying that they were going to leave our case behind and for that I have a lot of respect and gratitude for them. They also always took care to provide me with help in Spanish and to communicate with me and my daughter so that the case could proceed.

Many thanks to the Benchmark Law group. The truth is that I appreciate them very much and I am grateful for everything they managed to do for my family. We are a low-income family and for a while I thought we had no chance or hope of winning our case even though it was clear that my husband and I were injured due to the other person’s negligence.

I will always recommend this group who managed to help my family so much.