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Liz & Ajay Stillman

It was an ordinary day for Liz Stillman… or so she thought.

She and her husband were walking into a store to get a box of chocolates as a gift. Upon returning to her car, Liz tripped on an obstructive, dangerous ledge, which caused her to trip and fall and break her hip. She ended up having a full hip replacement just a few days later.

A hip replacement is no joke, but for someone like Liz Stillman – a woman who was participating in several-hundred-mile bike rides across Europe, regularly – this was disastrous. Liz wondered if she would ever recover and get back to her active lifestyle. Luckily, she is a fighter and Liz has gradually recovered. Speaking of fighting, for Liz, more than money, she wanted to make sure that NO ONE would ever trip on this dangerous condition again. She felt that it was a dangerous condition to society.

So we set our sights on not only obtaining fair value for Liz, but ensuring that the condition was remedied. About six months after resolving Liz’s case, upon returning to that same store, Liz discovered that a guard rail had been constructed to block pedestrians from this dangerous ledge. Ah, this was the justice for the community that we were after. Although Liz will tell you that she felt like we were David against Goliath in this situation (we were taking on a multi-billion dollar corporation), together, we never gave up the fight.

A little faith, a lot of fight, and we were able to right the wrong that was done.

We Care. We Fight. We Succeed.

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